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Developed for model makers

You weld – we take care of the details.

Weld on parts, add metal, join workpieces prior to soldering, seal pores,

make seams and much more – no problem with the M280.

Also ideal for welding in the immediate vicinity of heat-sensitive areas.



The original Lampert fine-welding system

  • Superior welding characteristics
  • Consistently reproducible and high quality welding results on all materials suitable for welding
  • Simple and intuitive to operate
  • Precise positioning of the welding points



  • Very low, controllable development of heat
  • Welding of even the thinnest materials
  • Makes for easier and faster repairs and soldering
  • Precise welding under the welding microscope


  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Low procurement costs, extremely good price/performance ratio
  • Compact size – fits into every workshop
  • Very low costs of consumer materials
  • Low argon consumption




Facts that speak for themselves

  • Intuitive to operate
  • Thanks to intelligent pre-settings, only 2 operating steps are necessary. Select metal group and work situation
    > weld!
  • Ergonomic work: Individually set work position for fatigue-free work.
  • Precision handpiece for precision welds
  • Solid quality and the best materials such as stainless steel and Teflon are prerequisites for precision in manufacturing and reliability in application
  • Premium craftsmanship in every detail
  • Dust-proof housing without a ventilator and means it's quiet and long-lasting.
  • Handling the components: Sophisticated details simplify handling.
  • Premium plug connections
  • Professional screw and plug connections provide long service life and permanent safety in daily use
  • Special electrodes without poisonous components. With optimal ignition and welding properties
  • Practical and fast: Plug-in nozzles and nuts allow you to quickly change electrodes without tools.

M280 makes welding simple

The operating concept of the M280 guarantees intuitive and safe setting of the device.

Correctly set the device in two steps:

  • 1. Select metal group
  • 2. Select welding situation
    > weld!

Fine adjustment of the settings

  • Power and welding time can be adjusted according to individual need.

Examples from practice


Here are some applications that are possible with the M280.
There are presets for steel / stainless steel, copper / brass and aluminum alloys. Components can be easily joined and original welds replicated.

On generally weldable aluminum alloys, welding wire can be applied by means of high-frequency overlay of the welding impulses.
Of course, we also have the right welding wires for you in stock. Our range includes different stainless steel wires as well as aluminum and titanium wires, which are commonly used in model making.

Application videos:

Disc harrow
Excavator shovel

Quality and safety come first

Quality for your requirement: We place great value on the highest production and safety standards and guarantee the reliability of our products

  • Quality for high demands:
    We value the highest production and quality standards, are in close contact with our partners and suppliers and know about the reliability of our devices: Therefore, we stand with conviction behind our products – made in Germany!
  • User safety
    in the first place:

    For Lampert the PUK welding eye protection systems have been tested and approved by DIN CERTCO.
  • Tested device safety:
    Safety is paramount at Lampert. All our machines and devices are CE certified according to DIN standards. Thus, our customers can always rely on the safety and reliability of our products.

Automatic operation or foot switch

Difficult workpiece constructions can make manual welding control necessary.

  • Activate the foot switch by pressing it down for 3 seconds. The automatic function of the M280 is then deactivated.
  • The white symbol on the display signals that foot switch operation is activated.


  • Welding is then only triggered when you press the foot switch.


Select your basic settings

Settings menu just a keystroke away

  • To set the gas flow rate, the gas valve can be opened.
  • To control the eye protection, this can be activated in intervals.
  • Activate the optionally available absorber when needed.
  • The beep that sounds prior to welding process can be activated or deactivated here.
  • Select your preferred language.

At home in the model making workshop

Meaningful construction for long service life and continuous operation:

  • Passively cooled
    The M280 does not need a ventilator or ventilation slots. The passive cooling system generates no disruptive noises and is very energy-efficient.


  • Dust-tight housing
    The M280 features a closed, tight housing.

    Thus none of the metal or polishing dusts generated in the workshop penetrate the device. Damage or device errors caused by unavoidable deposits are avoided.

Accessories and special equipment

Additional practical system components and accessories such as different eye-protection systems, welding smoke absorber, welding wires and much more are available to meet your individual needs. Visit our accessories page.

Technical data




  • Technical data M280



Current (WIG) min./max.
Pulse duration (WIG) min./max.
Max. charging time
Number of metal programs
High-frequency welds
Automatic gas pre-flow time

Gas consumption
Shielding gas


Power consumption during welding
Power consumption in maintenance operation


9 - 400 A

3 - 10 ms

0.8 s




ca. 2 l/min

Argon > 99.9 %

e.g. Argon 4.6

400 VA

6 W

6.5 kg

  • Technical data eye protection system



Actively controlled LCD eye protection system

Safety DIN CERTCO-certified
Brightness level of the LCD
Darkness level of the LCD
Switching time
UV protection
IR protection




DIN 11

< 50 ms

> UV11

> IR11




M280 scope of delivery

The M280 welding system is delivered with the following accessories and contains all necessary documentation and instructions.

  • The PUK welding system with the selected eye-protection system
  • Operating manual
  • The necessary contact clamp, gas hose, cleaning brush and connection cables
  • 2 special electrodes each Ø 0.5 mm and Ø 0.6 mm incl. 1 diamond grinding wheel


Here you can find additional information on our welding units available for download


Brochure M280


Manual M280


Mohan Chandie Shaw

Master Goldsmith / Designer / Stone setter
The Hague, the Netherlands

With my PUK I design, create and repair jewelry faster, better and more complex.


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After using the Lampert PUK 2, I immediately bought the PUK 3 professional plus when it came out. It has almost the same possibilities and applications as a laser but you pay less. It is built as a tank so it has little to zero maintenance. With the PUK 3 I design, create and repair jewelry faster, better and more complex. In my point of view Lampert stands for high quality and innovation in the field of jewelry making. Lampert provides individual support and understands what you need as a professional.

Veselin Tenev

Master Jeweller
Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom

Actually, my dealer in the UK has told me when I have bought the machine only two words ...
"Have fun!"

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We are so delighted to have the PUK and to work with it. Specially me, with those many years' experience behind. The PUK welder is my right hand and I couldn't imagine not having it even for one day away from me! Actually, my dealer in the UK has told me when I bought the machine only two words ...
"Have fun!" as a wish!
And thinking today, I am really having fun, enjoying working and discovering how pleased anyone can be to create things with it.

Christa Fischer


After my vocational training I have learned one more enriching technique besides the typical craftmanship – using a PUK welder.


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After my vocational training I have learned one more enriching technique besides the typical craftmanship – using a PUK welder.
It makes my daily work much easier and I really enjoy working with it every time because it offers completely new opportunities, e.g. when working close to sensitive stones. The machine provides a special default for building up worn settings or for reattaching a broken ear stud without having to solder. Furthermore, I can facilely close pores and/or apply welding wire. The PUK's operation is very simple and it enables me to easily work on jewellery in a lot of different manners.


Dr. Daniela Zaharia

Bucharest, Romania

The PUK D5 opens a whole new world of design possibilities ... and is the ideal partner
in the digital printing era.

Daniela Zaharia (@dr_daniela_zaharia)

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I’m an orthodontist and I love working with my patients. But I also like to work behind the scenes making some of the appliances I use. PUK D5 opens a whole new world of orthodontic appliances’ design possibilities. Design it and then is easy to make it. Nothing is impossible. PUK D5 machine is the ideal partner in the digital printing era and it makes me feel like an artist in orthodontics’ field. It helps me to achieve great results.

Daniela Zaharia (@dr_daniela_zaharia)

Kevin Paul

Watchcase restorations
Vienna, Austria

I can recommend the PUK without any doubts!




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For my watchcase restorations I use the PUK on a daily base. It makes my day so much easier due to its quick and easy accessibility. I can recommend it without any doubts!


Steffen Dülk

Master Goldsmith / Münsterschwarzach Abbey
Vier Türme GmbH Gold- und Silberschmiede

Our entire team benefits from the PUK04 and its versatile fields of application.



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We have to carry out a broad variety of works in our goldsmith’s workshop of the abbey. From filigree engagement rings made from platinum to rather big sacral utensils made from silver or tombac. That’s why our entire team benefits from the PUK04 and its versatile fields of application. It is extremely helpful for us for goldsmith’s productions, repairs or for the manufacture of new decorations for churches.



Studio Loubser

Bespoke Jewellers / South Africa

Our PUK welder has become an integral part of our workshop ... We are able to work accurately and effeciently, avoiding time-consuming manufacturing and repair processes.

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Our PUK welder has become an integral part of our workshop, there is no repair challenge that we cannot face with confidence.


The PUK welder allows for small scale precision work, focussing heat in specific areas, allowing to weld close to gemstones and pearls. The concentrated generation of heat enables us to hold the pieces by hand whilst welding, thus there is no need for binding wire or the complex positioning of the pieces whilst soldering. We are able to work accurately and efficiently, avoiding time-consuming manufacturing and repair processes. We even use the PUK welder for our pre-positioning of claws before soldering on complex pieces occasionally.


The small scale and snazzy appearance of the welder blends into our workshop with ease.


It is however, worth mentioning that using the PUK welder is a skill that has to be learnt, you have to spend time becoming accustomed to using the machine, in order to use it to its maximum capacity.


Practice makes perfect.



Lev Shneiderman

Metal artist / Israel

 This tool is a real asset to any artist’s workshop!




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As a veteran metal artist specializing in both traditional and modern technics, I see the Lampert PUK 5 as an essential tool for my studio. The PUK 5 enabled me to significantly upgrade my manufacturing process and provide more freedom with my art designs. The PUK 5 shortens the time it takes to build a construction. It allows handling seams and soldering more effectively and in a shorter time.


This tool is a real asset to any artist’s workshop!



Arkadiy Chernikov

New Westminster, Canada  

I consider this micro welding machine to be one of my best tool investments. 



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I have purchased a PUK five years ago to expand my TIG welding to micro level, and never regret for that. Reliability, super easy to start, fast learning curve and lots of hidden capabilities for custom pulse programming - that's exactly what I was looking for. Besides, I would add reasonable argon consumption and ability for micro spot-welding. Maintenance is minimal: just re-fill the argon bottle and have your tungsten clean and sharp.  


For readers in North America: Robert from Lampert Tools USA in Chicago provides unbelievable help with order, shipment and delivery, and after I got my machine he gave me free one-day course for micro welding basics. Further customer support and getting consumables is fast, friendly and professional. I consider this micro welding machine to be one of my best tool investments. 

Michael Berger

Goldsmith and Kinetic

I can hardly imagine a work process without the PUK anymore.



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There’s really not one day going by in the workshop without the PUK. How quickly this device has made itself indispensable was astonishing - I can hardly imagine a work process without it anymore.


Jointing my kinetic works made of stainless steel has particularly become child’s play with the PUK and opened completely new ways of fabrication. No matter if it’s tiniest mechanical elements, sheet metal constructions with a thickness of only 0.3 millimeters or big room sized works, I apply the PUK everywhere and it gets the job done reliably and with a high standard. 


The PUK - a tool that I’ve grown fond of and that I want to warmly recommend to all colleagues.




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